Legendary Tones Series -- Led Pack

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Top Jimi Mississippi Led Pack for the Kemper Profiling Amplifier

Seeking to recreate the sounds heard on various recordings and live performances by Jimmy Page during his time with Led Zeppelin.

Amps Used During the Profiling Process: Supro Black Majick combo, Marshall Hendrix Super100JH head

Speakers Used During the Profiling Process: 1962 12" Jensen P12Q Alnico, 1970 Celestion G12M-25 with 55Hz cone

Min to Max Gain Range (Scale: 0 to 10): 1 to 7

Profile Type: Studio (33 profiles) and Merged (32 profiles)

Jim's Comments: "This pack contains many of the tones which helped make Jimmy Page one of the most legendary rock guitarists of all time. Jimmy was very experimental when it came to guitar tones, so this pack covers a lot of sonic ground!"

Please Note: Obviously, the guitar is a very important part of the signal chain, and differences between guitars will affect the tone. We used Jimi's 1954 Gibson Les Paul Standard modified with original 1950's PAF pickups as the primary reference to build the profiles. Other reference guitars include a Fender Telecaster (Led Zeppelin I, Stairway to Heaven solo) and a Fender Stratocaster. There will very likely be differences in tone between your guitar and the reference guitar. If your guitar has a fuller tone, we recommend increasing the Treble and Presence together. Try increasing them both by 0.3 and see how that sounds. If your guitar is bright, try reducing the Treble and Presence by 0.3 and go from there.

Profiles Included in this Pack:

'69 CBrkdwn, '69 GTimes, '69 HrtBrkr, '69 Moby, '69 QuitBaby, '69 Ramble, '69 WLLove, '70 Imgrnt, '71 BlkDog, '71 Levee, '71 MstyMtn, '71 RockRll, '71 Strway, '72 WstWon, '73 LiveMSG, '75 Custard, '75 Houses, '75 Kshmir, '75 Rover, '76 Achilles, '76 NoFault, '79 AllLove, '79 Evening, '79 FoolLd

Demo below recorded with a Kemper using the Led Pack and vocals/drums/bass/keyboard backing tracks found on YouTube.


Mark Slaughter and 7 Angels making great use of the Led Pack:


Top Jimi Enterprises, LLC is in no way affiliated with Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin, Marshall Amplification, Absara Audio LLC, Jensen Loudspeakers, or Celestion International, Ltd. Any mention of their products is strictly for comparison purposes.

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