"Your profiles rock…some great stuff. Thanks, Steve" - Steve Stevens (Billy Idol)

"I've been using the TJ rigs for years in studio and onstage! Always inspiring .....I'm playing more instead of tone chasing! Thanks for bringing me classic tones of the bands that I love! What's next Jim?" - Mark Slaughter (Slaughter, Vinnie Vincent Invasion, Solo)

"Thank You Jimi ! Your profiles are my go to sounds in my Kemper... The AC/DC pack is my tone for the "Alice Cooper and Hollywood Vampire" Tours... It cuts through everything !! Angus and Malcolm have always had the best Rock-n-Roll Tone and you nailed it... Thank You Jimi and Keep Rocking !!"
- Tommy Henriksen (Alice Cooper, Hollywood Vampires)

"I have to say, I have been consistently blown away with your profiles! Thank you for putting in the work to bring us these amps!" - Chris Robertson (Black Stone Cherry)

"I absolutely LOVE your profiles........so much so that they've inspired me to play even MORE guitar !!! Thank you for the great sounds......Looking forward to your next pack !!" - Ryan Spencer Cook (Gene Simmons Band / Ace Frehley Band)

"I just want to thank you for all your amazing Kemper profiles :) I’ve bought most of them and love them all. I’ve used them on quite a few albums recently so i just wanted to thank you! I’ve used your profiles on a big part of Alice Cooper’s new album ”Paranormal” that i co wrote, co produced and play guitar on all songs on." -Tommy Denander (Guitarist/Writer/Producer -- Alice Cooper, Deep Purple, Michael Jackson)

"Top Jimi Profiles are the latest thing, he's got the sound that everybody digs. And the joint been jumpin' when the Kemper been pumpin' and you know they're playing crazy gigs." -Derekk Rroxx

"Your profiles are fantastic. They get used by most of my studio clients when recording. Since getting the Kemper I have not had a single Amp in the studio for recording. They use either the Kemper or the Helix. Most like the Kemper then buy one and ask what profiles to get. I always say to check you guys out." -Jay

"I bought some of your profiles last night and the first words that entered my head were.... HOLY FU**ING S**T! The sounds that were coming out were amazing! I’d dreamt of these tones! Please never stop making Kemper Profiles! I can’t wait to get some more off you!" -David

"I am simply blown away! I purchased your BrownSound pack a couple months ago and have truly enjoyed it, but after listening to the rest of them, I had to buy the EVERYTHING PACK! Every single profile just nails what it's after. Clear to me y'all put a lot of time into these... from setting up the amps and mic's, to tweaking the profiles. Well done dudes!" -Tim

"Must say at this point I have acquired/bought just about every profile on the planet from Soundside to Amp factory to Michael Britt to almost everyone else and for my purposes these are by far the clearest and cleanest profiles (whatever that means) I have. I cant get enough of the Marshalls. I have removed all else and am just using / testing what I have so far from you. Stick a feather in your cap mate." -Lindsay

"I just purchased your high gain profiles, and have to say you have probably the best profiles on the market. Other guy's profiles sound good, but yours really capture the character of the amps the best!" -Ryan

"Just tried them out and I'm blown away, these are absolutely the best profiles I've ever played. So inspiring! I also took my profile of own Uberschall and switched the cab to your pball cab and it sounds just like the real amp does in the room. Amazing work, I'll definitely be back for more in the future!" -Rich

"I have been blown away by the Top Jimi profiles of the Marshall, Vox, and Fender amps. They are exactly what I was looking for...they are exactly what I expected as far as as sound and response to playing--just like the amps that were captured. I have seriously thought about purging all the other commercial profiles and going with these. I don't need em...and I have purchased most of the others." -Kemperfan

"I am glad that I haven't spent too much money elsewhere, because you crafted - in my opinion and to my ears - the greatest sounding profiles I have come across. Apart from a bass amp profile for my recording needs, and the little flow of novelty ones, only TopJimi profiles will be in my Kemper. BTW, the fact that they are merged, and that there are different cabs available, make them even more desirable and great." -Simon

"Hi, i just wanted to say thank you. just had my first gig with a kemper with your profiles and it was so much fun. setup was short, my back feels normal, and everybody loved the sound.keep doing what you do, you are really good at it. greetings from germany." -Johannes

"I just wanted to let you know that you completely nailed the Ozzy profiles. I am 48 and have been chasing the Randy Rhoads tone for what seems like forever. Your Randy profiles are spot on. I am playing through my Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro and I simply cannot believe how good it is. I actually feel like I am robbing you, these are so good." -John