JT 45 Reissue Pack

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Top Jimi JT 45 Reissue Pack for the Kemper Profiling Amplifier

Seeking to Recreate the Sound of: Marshall reissue JTM45 (30 Watts)

Speakers Used During the Profiling Process: Celestion 25W Greenback

Min to Max Gain Range (Scale: 0 to 10): 0 to 6

Profile Type: Studio (18 profiles) and Merged (18 profiles)

Jim's Comments: "These profiles give the sweet, organic tones you'd expect from an early plexi amplifier, with a slightly more modern feel. A little darker sounding than the Hendrix Sup 100 Pack."

Marshall Reissue JTM45 Background Info: The JTM45 goes back to the earliest days of Marshall. The design draws heavily from the '59 Fender Bassman, and has a raw sound with less gain than later Marshalls. The tube recifier and KT-66 output tubes help differentiate the sound of this amp.



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Top Jimi Enterprises, LLC is in no way affiliated with Marshall Amplification or Celestion International Ltd. Any mention of "Marshall", "JTM45" or "Celestion" is strictly for comparison purposes.

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