HIgh Gain Bundle

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Top Jimi Profiles High Gain Bundle for the Kemper Profiling Amplifier. Includes 12 of our profile packs at one low price. You save $59.89!

Includes the following packs:

Pack Number of Profiles Seeking to Recreate the Sound of... 
Satch 410 52 Marshall JVM410HJS Satriani Signature
Ecstatic Pack 46 Bogner Ecstacy
Uber Pack 30 Bogner Uberschall Twin Jet
5XXX Pack 52 EVH 5150 III
PBall Pack 27 Engl Powerball 
BEye Pack 36 Friedman BE-100 Brown Eye 
Stevens 100 Pack 20 Friedman SS-100 (Steve Stevens) 
Cantrell 100 Pack 38 Friedman JJ-100 (Jerry Cantrell)
Phil 100 Pack 30 Friedman Phil X Signature
Pet2C Pack 20 Mesa/Boogie JP-2C
Mk. 5 Pack 31 Mesa/Boogie Mark V 
Dano100 Pack 46 Soldano SLO100
Total 428  


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