"Everything" Pack

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Price $299.99

Top Jimi Profiles "Everything" Pack for the Kemper Profiling Amplifier. Includes all of our profile packs (except Bargain Bin packs). You save $315.54!

Includes the following packs:

Pack Seeking to Recreate the Sound of... 
Low-Power Tweed Pack Fender Deluxe (1959)
Medium-Power Tweed Pack Fender Bassman (1959)
High-Power Tweed Pack Fender Twin (1959)
59 BonaTwin Tweed Pack Fender Twin-Amp JB Edition
Low-Power Blackface Pack Fender Deluxe Reverb (1964)
Medium-Power Blackface Pack Fender Vibroverb (1964)
Medium-Power Blackface Pack #2

Fender Super Reverb (1965)

Medium-Power Blackface Pack #3 Fender 6G6-B Bassman (1964)
HighWatt Pack HIWATT Custom 100 DR103 (1974)
68SLead Pack Marshall Super Lead (1968)
74SLead Pack Marshall Super Lead (1974)
'800 Pack Marshall JCM800 2203 (1982)
87Jub Pack Marshall Siver Jubilee 2555 (1987)
'45 Pack Marshall JTM45 
Offset '45 Pack Marshall Limited-Edition Offset JTM45
Hendrix S100 Pack Marshall Jimi Hendrix Super100  
AFD Pack  Marshall AFD100 (Slash Signature) 
YJM Pack Marshall YJM100 (Yngwie Malmsteen Signature) 
Tim Caswell AFD Pack Marshall Tim Caswell AFD-Mod
Lee Jackson 50 Pack Marshall Lee Jackson Mod
Satch 410 Pack Marshall JVM410HJS Satriani Signature
63-30 Pack Vox AC30 (1963)
64-30 Pack Vox AC30SRT (1964)
Modern 30 Pack Vox AC30  
BEye Pack Friedman BE-100 Brown Eye
Stevens 100 Pack Friedman SS-100 (Steve Stevens Signature)
Cantrell 100 Pack Friedman JJ-100 (Jerry Cantrell Signature)
Phil 100 Pack Friedman Phil X Signature
Ecstatic Pack Bogner Ecstasy
Uber Pack Bogner Uberschall Twin Jet
Match 30 Pack Matchless HD-30
Dummble Pack Ceriatone Overtone Special
'Wreck Pack Ceriatone Expression
PBall Pack Engl Powerball
5XXX Pack EVH 5150 III
V Pack Mesa/Boogie Mark V
Pet2C Pack Mesa/Boogie JP-2C
Dano100 Pack Soldano SLO100 
Tangerine Pack Orange AD30
Black Majik Pack Supro Black Magick Combo
Bass DI Sansamp Bass Driver DI
Brown Sound Pack

Tone from early Van Halen recordings

DC/AC Pack

Tone from AC/DC studio recordings

Boston Pack

Tone from Boston studio recordings

Queen Pack

Tone from Queen studio recordings

Ozzy Pack

Tone from Ozzy Osbourne recordings

Sabbath Pack

Tone from Black Sabbath recordings

























Top Jimi Enterprises, LLC is in no way affiliated with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, Hiwatt, Marshall Amplification, Vox Amplification Ltd., Matchless Amplifiers, Orange Music Electronic Company, Ltd., Experience Hendrix LLC, Ceriatone Amplification, E.L.V.H. Inc., Bogner Amplification, Soldano Custom Amplification, Mesa Engineering, Absara Audio LLC. Tech 21 Inc., Friedman Amplification, Engl GmbH, the band Boston, the band Queen, Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, or the band Black Sabbath.

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