Medium Gain Bundle #2

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Price $80.99

Top Jimi Profiles Medium Gain Bundle for the Kemper Profiling Amplifier. Includes 9 of our medium-gain profiles packs at one low price. You save $26.92!

Includes the following packs:

Pack Number of Profiles Seeking to Recreate the Sound of... 
 'Breaker Pack  22  Marshall Bluesbreaker
 '45 Pack 36 Marshall JTM45
Offset '45 Pack 20 Marshall Limited-Edition Offset JTM45
HighWatt  31  HIWATT Custom 100 DR103 (1974) 
 63-30 Pack 20 Vox AC30 (1963)
 64-30 Pack 20 Vox AC30SRT (1964)
 Modern 30 Pack 21 Vox AC30 CCH (late 2000's)
 Tangerine Pack 37 Orange AD30
'Wreck Pack 24 Ceriatone Expression
Total 231  








Top Jimi Enterprises, LLC is in no way affiliated with Vox Amplification Ltd., Orange Music Electronic Company, Ltd., Marshall Amplification, Hiwatt, Ceriatone Amplification, Trainwreck Circuits. Any mention of "Vox", "AC30", "Orange", "AD30", "Marshall", "Bluesbreaker", "JTM45", "Ceriatone", "HIWATT", "Custom 100" or "DR103" is strictly for comparison purposes.

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